Heidi Soumerai, CFA

Managing Director and
Director of ESG Research

Ms. Soumerai is director of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and is a member of the Board of Directors of Boston Trust. She oversees the evaluation of existing and potential securities relative to ESG factors and coordinates and leads a variety of shareholder engagement initiatives to promote greater corporate accountability, including company dialogues, shareholder proposals, and proxy voting. She is also editor of Walden’s client newsletter Values. Ms. Soumerai is a member of the ESG Research & Engagement Committee and is chair of the Corporate Governance Committee, which establishes and implements Boston Trust and Walden’s proxy voting guidelines.

Prior to joining Boston Trust in 1985, Ms. Soumerai was a research associate for the Adolescent School Health Project in Boston. She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, and is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society and the CFA Institute. She earned a BS in public health from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Boston University. She currently serves on the Corporate Advisory Board of The Boston Club.